When I heard that my company was shutting down the location where I had been working at for 16 years, I was devastated. I had planned to stick with them and retire with them over time. I talked to my boss about it, and he said that I might think of transferring to one of their locations. So, that is what I did. I was excited and nervous. Even doing things like getting my new cable TV plan or my new Reliant plans in Houston at the new place I would be living was exciting.

I have always lived in the same city since the day that I was born. I have not even traveled much. My parents did not take us many places when my brother and I were children because my parents simply could not afford it. But they always made sure to give us the basics that we needed. I don’t blame them at all because it can be expensive to raise children, especially on a blue collar salary. So moving as an adult seemed a bit scary to me when the case had been that I have not visited many places. I knew that I could not let that get in the way of continuing my career, though.

I had never thought about that working for my company at a smaller location did not previously afford me much room to move up the corporate ladder. I had been a supervisor for a small team of 10 people for years. The only other person above me was my boss, and he had been with the company for 20 years. He had no plans to leave, and I accepted that. But when I moved to Houston to our larger location, there was so much opportunity! I transferred over and suddenly found myself managing a team of 30 people.