Sometimes a good deal will come out of nowhere, and you’ll never know if you should take it or not. This happened to me recently when I found a deal on I wasn’t even looking for a gas company, because I already had one. I was really searching around for a new gas stove, because my old one wasn’t working properly anymore. I had it repaired a few times, but it finally gave out. While searching for some stoves online, I saw the link and wondered what it was about, so I clicked it. What I found on the website was an unexpected bonus.

A gas stove can’t run without a gas provider, and a person can’t have a gas provider if they can’t pay the cost of that provider. I had been paying the cost of my provider for years, and I always hated it, because the price would randomly go up an down without any notice. I just wanted a plan that would be straightforwards without any increases. The flat rate plan from the website that I found was something out of a dream. No matter how much gas I used, the price would only be one set amount.

The deal seemed like something that anyone with half a brain would take, but I wasn’t sure if I should go for it. My mind raced with thought that the deal might be some kind of trick, or that the company behind it was just some front for my existing gas company. The longer I thought about it, the more I became paranoid, so I just cleared my thoughts and let the math do the thinking for me. The flat rate price was a better deal than my plan, so I did the right thing in switching to the new plan.