My wife and I cannot have children. It is okay, but we have a lot of love in our hearts. Adopting is a crazy tedious process. Sure, I understand the necessity of being thorough in placing a child with parents, however, some of it seems a little much. We are not wealthy and we live in an apartment. Both of us have always liked dogs, and found that we could share some of the love we have by adopting one. We looked at apartments for Lewisville Texas that were dog-friendly. We actually hid our newly adopted dog as best as we could until we could make the move to our new apartment. We actually got a letter from management on the day we were moving into our new pet-friendly apartment building in Lewisville.

We had been living in our old apartment under an expired lease for a about four months. We did not want to renew because of all the efforts we were making at adopting. We were going to move to a bigger place if we could have been approved to adopt a baby. It all worked out very well. I think we would have been good parents. After all, we turned out to be great pet parents. Our dog is spoiled by us. She even has pet insurance. We really like the apartments in Lewisville Texas where we moved to. They have a lot of outdoor spaces just perfect for exercising our dog. They have a gated puppy park and pet stations. The apartments have controlled access gates making it even more secure. Oh, and they have what they call a 24-hour courtesy officer as well.

That is just a glimpse of what is available outside. The apartments themselves are really nice inside. Plenty of room and the kitchens are really nice. Everything is so new and perfectly clean. We are glad we adopted our puppy dog and made the move to Lewisville.